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Blood Bank of Hawaii

Structural Systems, Inc. was excited to join the project team for the recently-built Blood Bank of Hawaii facility on Young Street. Construction began for this 3-story structure in the middle of 2011 and wrapped up in the first quarter of 2012. We were hired to install Railcraft Aluminum Systems for several different applications. 

The photo above shows the custom aluminum guardrail and trellis systems installed by our crews at the 3rd floor sun deck. The purpose of the design for this area is to offer patients who have just given blood a comfortable area to sit outdoors and have a snack. You will notice that all the aluminum surfaces have been powder-coated in compliance with the owner's special request for "blood drop red" coloring. It took an intensive custom paint matching effort to get the red color to the desired brightness and perfect shade.

Our crews also installed several hundred feet of Railcraft Aluminum Guardrails and Handrails. The Railcraft Guardrail was embedded into the concrete parapet wall to a finish height of 42" from the stair tread elevation (as per code).  The architect also specified matching handrails to be fascia-mounted to the wall, allowing (potentially light-headed) donors and patients safe passage down the staircases.

Structural Systems, Inc was also tasked with the installation of a custom-designed stainless steel, glass-paneled guardrail system. Here we achieved a very modern and clean look, while offering the rigidity and durability of a stainless steel system. Stainless steel clasps secure the tempered glass panels to the vertical posts.

Below you see more custom-designed and custom-fabricated decorative panels accenting the mauka elevation of the ground floor. Railcraft International (the manufacturer) used a high-pressure water jet to create the blood drop "cutout" design specified by the architect. After the solid aluminum paneling was cut and framed in, each panel was powder-coated with our corrosion proof AAMA 2605 certified D3000 coating.  

With Railcraft's outstanding design flexibility, we are able to offer many variations of systems for hundreds of different applications - using hundreds of different color options. This allows building & facility owners/managers significant design flexibility with their upcoming renovation or retrofit projects.

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