Foundation Systems in Honolulu, Hawaii (HI)

Chance & Atlas Deep Foundation Systems

Crooked doors, frozen windows, and cracks in interior or exterior walls, these are but a few of the foundation-related problems that our Chance and Atlas lines of remedial foundation systems can repair permanently, once and for all! Where existing construction permits, this technology can restore/relevel settled structures back to an approximately level condition.

Uretek Compaction Grouting, Void Filling & Re-leveling

The flexibility of this technologically advanced grouting system allows its use in applications as simple as filling voids beneath slabs and foundations, or as complex as permeation grouting applications for cutoff walls and foundation stabilization. See why CalTrans (the California Department of Transportation) uses this technology as part of its annual maintenance program to repair and restore uneven pavements in its vast highway system.

GMS Expansive Clay Stabilizer

Where homes, offices, or retail shops are affected by heaving floors or foundations, GMS has the technology to permanently stabilize expansive clayey soils! Treated soils will no longer create heave and settle with the seasons. Now you can open your doors and windows without a fight!


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