GMS Expansive Clay Stabilizer

Stabilization of Expansive Soils

GreenMarket Solutions (GMS) Soil Stabilization Process is a tried and proven technology for the stabilization of expansive (clayey/adobe) soils in the base and sub-base of existing roads and highways, new roadways, new construction and existing building sites, existing airfields, parking areas, reservoirs, levees/embankments, and railroad beds. GMS Soil Stabilizer is a GMS proprietary product. Application of the product to unsuitable soils can be accomplished in one of two ways.

Injection: This is the preferred method to be used on both unpaved and paved surfaces. Holes are drilled into the soil, asphalt, or concrete surface. The GreenMarket Solutions Soil Stabilizer is then pressure-injected into the holes, saturating the ground. Testing of the treated soils is used to verify the soils have been stabilized.

Surface Broadcasting: Equipment used in regular construction or repair operations can be used without modification for this method of application. The area is first scarified with a motor grader. The product is then applied to the surface via a water truck. The area is then scarified once more in order to incorporate the product into the soil.

The GMS Stabilization Process

The GMS Stabilization Process

Most surface failures are directly related to base and sub-base failure due to contamination by expansive/clay soils accelerated by the migratory patterns of water. Soils saturated by rain (and where applicable freeze-thaw cycles) are susceptible to rutting, buckling, potholes, and accelerated deterioration of both paved and unpaved surfaces.

• The application of this product into clayey soils creates an ionic exchange to negate the clay soil’s natural affinity/attraction to water. This frees the molecular bond between the soil and water molecules and allows the soils to drain.

• The bearing capacity and shear strength of the surface will realize an accompanying increase. Worldwide case studies have shown that the process reduces both initial construction costs and maintenance costs while increasing the durability of roadways dramatically.

GMS Stabilization Benefits

• Stabilization of expansive soils with GMS Soil Stabilizer is a cost-effective method of restoring the bearing capacity and shear strength of expansive, clay-based soils.

• Soils treated with GMS Soil Stabilizer compact easily.

• Treated soils demostrate enhanced durability to resist rutting, buckling, and potholes.

• GMS Soil Stabilizer has been laboratory and field tested and is environmentally safe for use in contact with soil and groundwater.

GMS Soil Stabilizer Applications

• Existing Roadways

• New Roadways

• New and Existing Construction Sites

• Structure Foundations

• Parking Areas

• Airport Runways

• Landfill cap and liner


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