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Outrigger Ohana East Hotel

The Outrigger Ohana East Hotel project, completed in 2010, retrofitted all of the hotel’s room lanais and open deck areas with our premium Railcraft Aluminum Guardrail systems custom-designed for the hotel.

This renovation project required installation of 7,000 linear feet of made-to-order guardrails that were precisely measured and fitted to the unique dimensions of each room lanai and deck.

A new surface-mounted guardrail system was designed by the renovation team for the majority of the room lanais.  This upgraded design provides a maintenance-friendly system that is anchored onto the surface of the existing concrete lanai slabs.

Our staff worked with Railcraft to design a brand new distinctive 3” rounded top cap for the hotel.  Along with the superior-rated AAMA 2605 D3000 Champagne powder coating, this new guardrail system provided them the architecturally unique look they wanted for their renovation project. 

At the floors with concrete parapet walls, the architect selected a shorter fascia-mounted system with tempered clear glass.  This design allowed our installations to maximize the view plane to the greatest extent possible.

Our crews completed the replacement of the guardrail system on a floor by floor basis in coordination with the renovation of the hotel’s interior by other contractors and the hotel’s staff.  This allowed the hotel to minimize disruptions to the guests, maximize guest room availability and hotel operations, and, most importantly, maintain revenue flow.

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1275 Mikole Street, Sand Island Industrial Park
Honolulu, HI, 96819
808 845 2474    (f): 808 847 2966
License AC-13555

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