Railing Systems in Honolulu, Hawaii (HI)

Structural Systems is the authorized Hawaii distributor and factory qualified installer of the premier line of Railcraft Aluminum Guardrail Systems and Products. Introduced to Hawaii over 10 years ago, Railcraft Aluminum Guardrails have been installed statewide at hundreds of projects with zero failures.

Some major features of the Railcraft line of products that stand out in comparison to other brands are the corrosion proof finish, the structural connections, and the design flexibility. These are critical issues to be considered when contemplating a railing replacement project.

Railing Replacement


Corrosion Proof Finish

In our harsh, chloride-rich (salt) environment every metal guardrail system needs to be properly protected from the elements. Railcraft and Structural Systems have made it our mandate that only the most durable and corrosion proof powder coatings be employed on our Hawaii projects. All of our Hawaii installations employ Railcraft railings protected with our “top-of-the-line” AAMA 2605 fluoropolymer powder coating system.

This AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) certification grade is the most stringent standard for architectural coatings and Railcraft International is the only railing manufacturer in North America to obtain AAMA 2605 certification from the 3 top paint/coating suppliers in the world. This certification and quality control process is a crucial element in ensuring that your new guardrail system will not only hold up the elements, but give your building years of use and durable service. For comparison purposes, 2603 is denotes “Basic,” 2604 represents “High Performance,” and the 2605 certification stands for “Superior”.

Structural Connections

All top caps, bottom rails, pickets and posts are factory welded at Railcraft’s facilities. These welded connections contribute to their sturdy/rigid construction, but more importantly provide a longer life span compared to interlock systems that are “snapped” together in the field. Structural connections are frequently the first things to fail on aluminum guardrail systems, so the use of a welded system will dramatically extend the service life of your railing.

Aluminum Guardrail SystemsRailings System Installation

Design Flexibility

Every building in Hawaii, new or existing, has a unique look. Railcraft systems provide architects with the design flexibility they need and want. This flexibility allows them to achieve the exact look they are picturing when designing a new project. Where older systems must be replicated to conform with existing railing systems on renovation or retrofit projects, this flexibility simplifies the requirements and responsibilities for Board of Directors and Condominium Associations.

The ability to duplicate an existing design eliminates the necessity of obtaining a majority of member votes to approve design changes for dissimilar replacement railing designs. Railcraft can provide hundreds of different color and gloss options, dozens of different top cap design variations and component sizes, and multiple/different mounting methods including surface-mounted, fascia-mounted or embedded. Our staff can work with you to design matching trellis or cabana systems, decorative panels, entrance or security gates, and virtually anything that can help give your building a new (or matching) theme and an updated modern look.



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